Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Security Tester for Your Security Testing Needs

Benefits of Hiring a Certified Security Tester for Your Security Testing Needs

Nowadays testers have to perform both functional and non-functional testing to assess all aspects of a software application effectively.  As a type of non-functional testing, security testing is performed to check if the application is vulnerable to security attacks and effective in protecting information and maintain functionality in case of malware attacks. But the testers need adequate skills, experience and domain expertise to effectively check if the application is 100% secure. Many enterprises prefer hiring certified security testing professionals to identify and eliminate critical security threats. A business can always reap a number of benefits by hiring a certified security tester.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Must Hire Certified Security Testers

1) Skill and Experience Level
Normally, security testing certifications can be divided into three broad categories, i.e., entry level, intermediate level, and expert level. Each tester must meet certain requirements to obtain the specific certification. For instance, the tester must know security principles, best practices, test automation tools, and latest technology to obtain entry-level security testing certification. Likewise, he must have adequate security testing knowledge and experience to obtain more advanced certifications. So you can easily determine the tester’s experience, expertise and domain knowledge based on the certification.

2) Comprehensive Training
Each tester further needs to go through a comprehensive credentialing process. As part of the process, he has to undergo a detailed training program that covers all aspects of software security features and testing. Also, the professional has to pass the final examination to obtain the cyber security certification. So the certification indicates that the tester has learned all aspect of security testing, and obtained the certification by clearing the final test. The training and knowledge make the certified security testers score over other software testing professionals.   

3) Up-to-Date Knowledge
 The tester is further required to renew the cyber security certification at regular intervals. Normally, the cyber security certification must be renewed every 3 to 4 years. The tester has to pass a current test to renew his credentials. So it becomes essential for testers to keep their knowledge up-to-date and earn education credits continuously to renew the security testing certification successfully. You can always expect the certified security testers to know the latest trends, tools and best practices in software security testing. 

4) Ability to think like a Hacker
Nowadays, programmers have to address security issues and threats without any delay. So the security testers have to collaborate with the developers consistently to get the security problems fixed as they occur. The certification helps testers to analyze the evolving security threats with the mindset of a hacker. They can further assess the security features of the application during development to eliminate security threats in future. The testers can further perform security tests during various phases of development to identify and eliminate the weaknesses that increases the application’s vulnerability to evolving security threats.

5) In-depth Understanding of Tools used by Cyber Criminals
Nowadays cyber criminals use a variety of advanced tools to attack software applications. The testers must be familiar with the tools used by hackers to effectively eliminate the security threats. The certification program will help testers to understand the tools and techniques used by programmers for criminal purposes. So they can easily identify the source of the security threat, and suggest the best way to eliminate the security threat or prevent the security attack.  They further need to keep track of the latest trends in security testing as part of the certification renewal process.

While outsourcing software testing, each business needs to check a testing service provider deploys certified security testers. It needs to ensure that the security testing is performed by a certified and experienced tester to enhance the software’s reliability and integrity by eliminating all security threats.

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