Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New Trends to Watch Out for in QA Testing

Be it population or globalization or cutting age technology, business is facing a major change almost every year and QA testing is no different. Over a mere few years, QA testing has undergone major changes. It is showing certain trends which will further alter it in the near future. The following are a list of such trends which are steadily gaining importance in the QA testing industry.
  1. Integrating QA through Agility and TCoE: Testing Centers of Excellence (TCoE) along with agile testing is going to play an important role in incorporating the QA department as one of the major part of the business. Companies are investing money in QA to avoid after cost production and enhance customer satisfaction.
  2.  Greater Focus on New Technology: Although there has been a sharp rise in the mobile app development from 31% to 55%, yet when it comes to testing the mobile software, organizations are at a loss of skilled testers. Cloud computing has made advancement, but security and performance is still an issue and is going to be the focus of IT industry in the near future.
  3.  Higher Automation Levels: As agile testing keeps reducing the time required for the testing procedure, organizations are opting for automated testing facilities to save time as well as money. The automatic testing facilities have made a marked progress in the field of development and will continue to do so in the future. It is exerting its importance in the regression testing, unit testing and load testing.
  4.   Greater Focus on Security: With the emergence and growing importance of cloud computing, security has appeared to be a major issue. Organizations are putting in stress to increase the security features of the cloud computing as well as mobile facilities to stop security breaches so that testing facilities can be safely moved to clouds and accessed at all times.
  5. Context Driven Testing: With the increased amount of mobility as well as social media, the whole world seems to be integrated with the help of software. Business owners are now looking for a method to increase the test coverage to a maximum level in order to prevent central hubs of hardware, middleware and test environments. Context driven testing provides the businessmen with the power to do so.
  6.  Continuous Integration Testing: Continuous integration testing ensures that the software is being tested of bugs, performance and security issues right from the beginning of the developmental phase in short intervals. This ensures that the defects do not pile up at the end of the process and reduces the load on the developers. This is trending a lot in current days as it saves both time and hassle of the developers
  7.  Independent Software Testing: As the importance of QA testing is becoming clearer day by day, companies are now seeking the help of individual organizations which are experts in the QA testing jobs. Many organizations are popping up which are emphasising on hiring individuals with great skills for testers and are focused in the QA testing of software only.
These are some of the most noticeable trends of the QA testing industry, which is going to be of major importance in the future and will be changing the course of software testing industry.


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