Thursday, 15 October 2015

Software Testing and Its Need for the Banking Industry

When it comes to software, banks probably have the most complex lot of them all. These systems need to be up to date and have a high level of security due to all the monetary transactions that are being conducted through them round the year. What makes these systems even more complex is the multi tier facility and integration of the system with many other systems. Banking systems also have to support a huge number of transactions at any point of time and are used by a large number of people. The banking systems also need to be ever ready to solve customer problems and keep a track of a huge database and everyday transactions. Disaster management is another aspect of the banking software system.
Thus, when it comes to software systems of the banking industry, it needs to be upgraded and of high quality, both in performance and security grounds. This is why banking industry needs software testing of their system to make them bug free and in order to have high quality product which are unreachable by most. Software testing is absolutely essential for the banking software system so that the complex workflow that the system encounters never crashes.
Software testing is the branch of software development life cycle, which helps to keep the system in good shape. It checks the system of bugs, performance and security issues, user friendliness and other issues that may make the software problematic to the end user and cause trouble in delivering the desired results. It starts off with the feasibility tests which detects the plausibility of the existence of the software (which starts before the development of the software) and ends with the beta testing of the software (which occurs after the developmental process has been completed). Basically, the better the testing, the more powerful and workable software.
As the software of the bank is one which requires to be working nearly 24 x 7, hence the quality of product used in these places should be the finest. Also, one of the primary criteria of such systems is the security issues. This is why software testing of these software’s is an absolute must. The various types of software testing techniques that are available in the market will be able to convert the software used in banking industry one of the strongest systems around which are capable of handling the great load and will not snap due to an excess load which it may face from time to time. The testing will also ensure that the system springs back to its former self, even if it snaps. Testing will also ensure that the software is smoothly compatible with other systems which may require depending on it, like the payment gateways and billing desks as well as integration of the various tiers of which the banking software system is made up of. These systems have to maintain as well as constantly update a huge database of transaction which can be made full proof only by the testing procedures.

This is just a gist of the entire scenario to give you a glimpse as to why the software systems used by the banking industry are in dire need of software testing which should be of high quality.


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