Sunday, 18 October 2015

Software Testing and Why is it Important in SDLC

The world is heavily hung on technology today. This leads to the development of newer or upgraded versions of the software of the various gadgets so that your customers are at par with all the developments and get the benefits of cutting edge facilities. But with the increased amount of software developers, you get only little time to form a better version of your software (i.e. upgrade it) and deliver them to the customer. This continuous upgradation often causes the bugs to pile up, which is not desirable. People these days have a huge array of similar software to choose from and they will not hesitate to switch on to a better, cleaner and more efficient product. To ensure that your customers remain loyal to you, you have to make sure that they get bug free updates which are efficient and fast. Thus comes the software testing procedure which shows you the flaws of the developed software so that you can change it before providing the product to your customers.
SDLC or software development life cycle is the whole procedure of the development and testing comprises of an important part of the process. Usually when a software gets released and bugs are detected, they get rectified in the next update. But this may cause dissatisfaction among the customers. Hence, software testing is one to avoid such bugs. It is best to bring forth software testing during the early phase of SDLC so that you can keep cleaning and rectifying the bugs and as when it appears. This will prevent the piling up of the bugs and make sure that his SDLC process is completed within a short period of time. In this way you can provide customers with the latest versions fast and keep them happy and satisfied, in turn ensuring their loyalty to your product. Following are the importance of software testing in SDLC:
1.       When you are testing in SDLC, it shows whether the changes made in the software have been rightly installed or not.
2.       Once the software has been deployed, the cost of fixing becomes very high and it also hampers the reputation of the software. Testing in SDLC ensures that all the problems or bugs are detected and fixed before launching and hence the cost is reduced.
3.       SDLC testing ensures that the software delivers what it is made for. It sees to it that the software is up to mark when it comes to the environmental, sociology and performance specifications.
4.       SDLC testing shows you whether the various components of the software are working properly or not, both individually and in collaboration with one another.
5.       Testing of a product in SDLC always enhances the performance issues as you can tweak the shortcomings to turn them into their strengths.

At the end of it, the software popularity depends solely on the users or in other word, your customers. So you have to do everything to keep them happy and testing your software is a vital part of this process. This helps you to prep your software for various environments or stress levels that your customers may be using your software in. These changes are easily made during the development process or SDLC before the software goes into actual production procedure. 


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