Monday, 28 December 2015

3 Great Tools to Test Enterprise Mobile Apps

3 Tools to Test Mobile Apps

As an app developer your primary goal should be to see that you app gets accepted by the customers and the fact that they are in love with it. How can you do that? Simple! Just make sure that your app is free of bugs, can be used easily, can undertake load, is safe to use and is easy to understand. All these can be ensured by simply testing the mobile app that you have created with the help of tools to test enterprise mobile apps so that the glitches can be identified and rectified before it gets launched for the use by the customers.

You can check the enterprise mobile apps with the help of old school manual methods or you can use the various tools that are available on the net to check you app in order to identify the various problem regions or bugs.
  1.    TestFairy: TestFairy is probably one of the best mobile app testing apps which is available absolutely free of cost to the developers and has a lucrative offer for the enterprise mobile app developing teams. It provides the developers with a detailed video recording of the various tests that are performed from the clients’ point of view including CPU, Memory, GPS, Network monitoring, logs, crash reports etc. In case of Android apps you just need to upload the APK file and the tool will use the necessary hooks to test your app. But you may require to insert a few codes in case you are testing an iOS app.
  2.       Google Analytics: It’s by Google; obviously it is one of the best. Google has taken a huge leap in extending its support to the testing of the enterprise mobile apps as mobile apps are gaining huge popularity in the recent days. If you are familiar to using Google Analytics on your computer for testing the web based apps then using the mobile version will be a piece of cake for you. Just like the computer tool the audience page will give you a detailed report of all the current, returning and the new users of the app as well as the experience they have using the app. The tool is perfect for both the iOS and the Android apps. It also provides the developers with the number crashes. This is one of the best testing tools for the apps launched by the big e-commerce platforms.
  3.     Google Play Native App Beta Testing: The previous enterprise mobile app testing tool was specifically for checking the analytical aspects of the app. However, Google Play Native App Beta Testing is meant for checking the all round aspects of your app. If you are an Android app developer then you will obviously have access to the developers’ platform on Google which you can access using your personal account or you can create a new account in case you are working on behalf of an enterprise (as recommended by Google). This tool not only helps you to test the app that you have created but it will also help you with various tips to perform better testing or develop better apps along with creating bulk user reports and deep linking the app with the websites so that you can get reports on engagement of the app along with optimizing the search results of the same.

These are some of the best tools to test enterprise mobile apps which you can use to check your app before you launch it for the use by your customers to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.


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  3. Yes, I agree with you. Above mentioned tools are helpful for testing enterprise mobile apps. Goolge analytics also helps to track your mobile app traffic, conversion, events.

    1. Rightly said Neil. Appreciate your effort taken to go through my post.