Thursday, 3 December 2015

Cross Browser Testing and Its Importance

Importance of Cross Browser Testing

The success of a particular software rides a lot on the software testing procedures that are implemented on the same. This is due to the fact that software testing enables the detection of bugs or glitches that are the possible causes of dissatisfaction of the customers.

With the advancement of technology, people have been offered with the liberty of choosing from a number of various browsers from which they can access any particular app. This has made cross browser testing a very important part of the software testing life cycle where, the whole software along with its integrated parts, is tested for compatibility in multiple major browsers which can be used by the customers or real time users to access the same in order to ensure equally great performance in all of them.

The best way to perform cross browser testing of any app is to do it manually. Yes! There are many tools available which allows the testers to perform cross browser testing, but there is a chance that these tools will treat all the browsers in the same manner, while testing the app simultaneously in multiple browsers, which is not desirable at times. While you are manually performing the cross browser testing you can take into consideration the various aspects and uniqueness of the various browsers and check the desired outcome of the app or website in them separately. But before you start performing the cross browser testing of your app or website, list down all the qualities of the software that you need to be checking so that you don’t miss any of the points while testing the performance on multiple software that are usually used by the customers to access various apps and websites.

Just as one app or website is different from the other on various fronts, similar is the case with the various browsers which are usually used to operate the various apps or websites. Features like Applets, JavaScript, Flash, AJAX requests and more are what make each browser unique in its own way. These are also the factors which affect the performance and desired outcome of the apps and websites which are being accessed through them. The various browsers can affect the work ability of the whole app or website or the various parts which it is made up of. Cross browser testing ensures that the app or website performs equally well in all these browsers. The advancement of technology has not only allowed us to choose among various browsers but also presented us with the liberty to choose among various devices through which we can operate the said application. This further accentuates the importance of cross browser testing.

Performing cross browser testing helps in making sure that the application is working perfectly and as desired in all the browsers and devices available in the market. It is important to focus on the browsers with the maximum popularity rating while performing cross browser testing, however, the lesser known browsers should not be neglected and specially the browsers used by majority of the target customers. It is also to be remembered that the various versions of the same browser also plays an important role in the performance of a certain app or website. The various operating systems that are available also should be taken into consideration while performing cross browser testing.

So, that’s an overview of cross browser testing and its importance in the success of a app or a website. We hope to have satiated all your queries about cross browser testing and provided you with satisfactory answers. 

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