Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Transforming the Way Testing is done via Automation Testing

Transforming the Way Testing is done via Automation Testing

Software testing is probably the most important part of the success of a particular software. As the main aim of the software developer is to gain more people to accept the developed software, hence this makes software testing the most important phase in the software development life cycle.

As and when this realization doomed on the software developers, they have been investing in the development of the software testing procedures which has slowly and steadily given way to automated testing procedures that have transformed the way testing is done.
  1.     Transformation in Accuracy: “To err is human” and the case holds for software testing too. When a person is performing the same test again and again for a prolonged period of time, the activity becomes monotonous and it increases the chances of error to occur. However, in case of automation testing chances of error is reduced to a minimal even in prolonged or repetitive tests as it is performed by machines with the same accuracy.
  2.     Transformation in Test Coverage: Factors like memory contents, data tables, file contents, and internal program are not tested during manual testing procedure. However, in automation testing, these factors are taken into consideration to provide you with a detailed result on whether the software is performing as desired or not. Another transformation in test coverage is brought about by automation testing by the fact that the machines are capable of performing prolonged tests which are usually skipped when done in the manual mode as time plays a crucial factor.
  3.     Automation Does What Manual Testing Cannot: It is pretty difficult to get hold of thousands of users to check how the software will perform when it is being used by all at one go, when you are manually performing controlled web application test. However, this is easily achievable in automation testing process. Machines can easily create virtual situations where hundreds or even thousands of users will be using the software under consideration at the same time, thus providing an idea of its functionality in such condition.
  4.     Automated QA Testing Helps Developers and Testers: Automation testing transforms the testing procedure on a whole by providing the testers and developers time to concentrate on more vital issues. Automation testing helps in performing tests on multiple machines at the same time thus relieving the testers and developers with time to resolve more complicated issues thus evolving the testing processes on a whole.
  5.    Transformation in Team Morale: Automation testing takes care of all the prolonged and monotonous software testing processes. This provides the testing team with time as well as energy to take care of more vital issues or on further development of the software which will allow them to provide the customers with a even better software which will be superior in both design, work ability and ease of using. This in turn will ensure success of the product and increased profit for the organization on a whole.

It is quite obvious that automation testing has brought about a huge transformation in the testing process over the years. It has been capable of replacing a large part of manual testing. However, it can’t completely replace manual testing as the planning and development is still done by human who are the master mind behind the automation testing procedure at large. Automation testing has enhanced the accuracy as well as the depth of software testing on the whole and is steadily developing to become even better day by day. It has helped in developing better software which is widely acceptable.

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