Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Few Tips to Undertake Performance Test of Web Apps in the Cloud

Tips of Performance Test of Web Apps in the Cloud

With the development of the cloud computing procedures and their popularity I the world of technology, most testers face the dilemma of whether to use the internal testing facilities present in the organization or the applications available in the cloud, be it private or public in nature.

With the evolution of the cloud computing systems over the era, almost all the major web applications are now being transferred to the cloud for the obvious reason of the ease of sharing among various people and the reduced cost of storing them. It is the same with the performance testing of the apps. It helps in reduction of physical storage systems which in turn reduce capital and maintenance cost of these storage system. It also speeds up the installation and update facilities of the various tools that are used for the performance testing procedure. Performance test of the web apps in the clouds also ensures that the various tests are easily shared among various testing and development teams around the world which in turn enhances the quality of the developed software.

With the advancement of the technology, the complexities of the developing an application has also increased as there are more complicated bugs that are difficult to rectify with the existing conventional performance testing tools. The best way to deal with such situation is to shift to cloud testing which provides the users with the latest and updated software testing tools which are always updated and ready for use tester. The cloud computing offers a solution to all these complexities as all the various servers, which possibly host the application over various testing teams, are connected together via the cloud.

Basically, if you are going to undertake performance test of web apps in the cloud, you need to keep in mind certain points, which will help you to form a better software as you will be able to conduct a better performance test.
1.       Before you start off with the planning or execution of the performance test on your developed software, get to know which criteria you are testing your software for, so that you can concentrate on those specific parts.
2.       While planning the performance test procedure which you are going to execute on the developed app, get to know the load limits which your app can handle and plan your load test accordingly. This will ensure that your app gets tested for the optimum load levels and provide customers with excellent service.                                               
3.       Detect the frequently occurring problems with performance that your developed app is encountering. This will give you an idea of which areas to pay more attention to while you are actually performing the test or when you are rectifying the problems that you have encountered so that your customers does not have to face the same problems while using your app.
4.       For best performance by the cloud server itself, you need to optimize the conditions of usage of the same by both the host as well as the guest users. The cloud server too is a piece of technology which has its specific limitation. In order to ensure that it provides you with best possible service, you will need to optimize its usage by the various users both in and outside your organization.

We hope this article has helped you to undertake the performance test of the web apps in the cloud with utmost ease to get the best possible end results and make an even better software to be used by your customers.

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