Wednesday, 2 December 2015

7 Factors that are Influencing Rise in Mobile Testing

Factors Influencing to Rise in Mobile Testing

The advancement of technology has provided us with better devices which help us to communicate on the go. It has also provided us with factors that have hugely influenced the rise in mobile testing that helps the organizations to provide their customers with the best app possible. This helps them to gain the loyalty of their customers and stay ahead in the competition too.
  1. Wide Range of Mobile Devices: The first and foremost point that needs to be discussed and which plays a major role in the rise of mobile testing is the fact that innumerable devices are available in the market currently which have various features that make them unique and the mobile apps need to be tested according to the individual settings of these.
  2. Wide Range of Mobile Platforms: When done with the devices, you will also have to deal with the various mobile platforms like Windows, Android, iOS etc, on which the various mobiles operate. Each of these platforms works differently and has varying features to donate to the device which also plays a role in the performance of the application you are developing. Hence there is a rise in mobile testing to ensure that they work perfectly.
  3. Frequent Updates: Most of the mega mobile companies provide the users with frequent updates of their operating system, which in turn alters the work ability of the application and the device at large. Thus any organization which is launching the mobile app will now have to test their app to make sure that it is at par with the updates of the operating systems and are working well on them.
  4. Increased Competition: With the advancement of the technology, people are becoming more tech savvy which has lead to the huge upsurge in the number of apps that have the same working ability as yours. So there is a rise in mobile testing as each individual tries to be the winner by presenting the customers with the best app which will work flawlessly in all the devices available.
  5. Richer User Experience: As the developer of the mobile app, your primary goal is to satisfy your users and provide them with exactly what they want. Hence you have to pay attention to several technical aspects to check if the app is delivering perfection or not. Mobile testing helps you to make sure that your app synchronizes all the building blocks that it is made up of and delivers what is made to perform.
  6. Changing Performance of the Mobile App: The world has become a lot faster than it used to be and people have lesser and lesser amount of patience. Everyone is on the lookout for faster apps and devices which will complete their work in a jiffy and with utmost preciseness. This is applicable for mobile apps too and hence the mobile testing to ensure quality service.
  7. Security Threats: Technology has made a huge advancement in the past decade and so has the security threats. Almost all the apps these days require the users to provide them with their personal details to operate. As your customer is trusting you with their vital personal information, it is your job to make sure that they remain safe. Mobile testing will make sure that you are properly safe guarding your customers information against hackers.

These are some of the major reasons for the rise of mobile testing in today’s world. This has also influenced the development of better methods of mobile testing which will help in building better products.

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