Sunday, 22 November 2015

5 Signs that Prompts Business Owners to Initiate Software Testing

Signs that Prompts Business Owners to Initiate Software Testing

Software testing is considered to be the pillar of successful software. If you are in a software business, it is very important that you, as the owner provide facilities for your software to be tested before releasing. However your product will provide you with signs which will indicate the same.
  1.  Bugs Leading to Reduced Output: Most of the time if the software has been released without being tested, it develops various kinds of bugs which usually interfere with the way the software is supposed to react and the possible output it gives. This usually leads to dissatisfaction of the customers who terminate the usage of the software. This will ultimately lead to the failure of the software which will lead to the loss of business and should be a clear indication to the owners to start testing their software before launching to avoid such loss.
  2.  No Desired Output: The main aim of the business owners is to launch a product which provides the customers with the desired output that will make the customers use their application resulting in desired profit. However, when the developed software doesn’t provide you with the output that it is meant to give, it may be time to start software testing in order to detect the errors which are preventing your application from producing the desired results so that they can be rectified and the settings can be altered to change it. Testing helps in pinpointing the errors and saves time.
  3. Loading Problems: You may have created a software and released it in the market for the use by the customers but it can’t handle the load of multiple customers at a time. This will lead to the customer unrest which will soon lead to the customer’s unrest who will shift to a app which has better work ability and doesn’t hang up as easily. This will ultimately result in the loss of your organization and may be one of the most potent signs which indicates that you start testing your software as soon as possible to avoid this kind of problems that lead to discontinuation of the app created.
  4.  Lagging Behind in the Market: The advancement of technology has provided us with many benefits but it has also lead to an increased amount of competition as there are multiple apps similar to the one your organization has created which provide people with better performance than yours. This will lead your customers to choose the application created by your opponent rather than yours as it provides better service and desired output in shorter time interval. This will result in you lagging behind in the highly competitive market and is a clear indication that prompt action is required in the field of software testing.
  5. Reduced Profit: The main concern of any business organization is to gain profit from the products that they are offering to the customers. As a business owner it should be your top priority to ensure that your organization is always of the profitable side of the ledger and in order to do so you need to provide your customers with quality products. A lack in the profitability is a clear indication that your customers are not satisfied with the quality of product your are providing them with and in order to improve this situation you need to test your software to detect the glitches before offering them to your customers.

These are the top five signs which should prompt any business owner to initiate software testing in order to maintain the profitability of their company. 

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