Wednesday, 18 November 2015

ZenQ Software Testing - Mitigating Risks and Ensuring Quality

ZenQ Software Testing Ensures Quality

Software testing is one of the vital parts of the software development life cycle. It ensures that your customer gets an awesome product which is easy to use and is top notch when it comes to security of their data. As a major portion of the popularity of the software depends on the software testing procedure which deals reducing the risks and ensuring that your customers get quality product, it is absolutely important that you choose a good software testing partner and there are only a few companies which can match up to the service provided by ZenQ.
Since its commencement in 2003, ZenQ has become one of the pioneers in the software testing front. With a bunch of extremely talented as well as dedicated staff who handle your project with utmost care, ZenQ will prove to be your best software testing partner to whom you can outsource your job with ease. They live up to their mission of “To be the most dependable quality partner to our clients via helping them release zero-defect products to the market every time, on time and within budget. We endeavor to achieve this by keeping client interests at heart, employing skilled and motivated individuals, nurturing innovation, implementing best of the practices and by investing in cutting edge infrastructure.
Software testing, now, covers a lot of area which may be broadly classified into:
1.       Functional testing.
2.       Automated testing.
3.       Performance testing.
4.       Security testing.
ZenQ performs all these tests with the best quality of result possible. Apart from this, ZenQ also performs tests on various platforms like web, mobile, tablets and that two using various operating systems that might be used by your end users. The superiority of the reports provided by ZenQ allows your developers to further enhance the work ability of the software and hence attain customer satisfaction.
When you choose ZenQ to be your software testing partner, you are automatically entitled to the following advantages:
  1.       Highly experienced staff for the detection of complexities and cross platform tests.
  2.      Adjustable QA mindset which can undertake various projects according to the need of the same.
  3.     High test coverage and early detection of problems so as to reduce the complexities of the problem.
  4.       Quick tests using various automation tools, ensuring early release.
  5.      Team building and changing depending on project needs.
  6.      Test automation based on proof of concept methodology.
  7.       Popular test automation frameworks made into reusable plug-ins.
  8.    Detailed reports accompanied by the screen shots, logs, videos and error reports for better understanding by the developers.
  9.        Large scale test performance along with detailed results.
  10.       Multi level testing facilities for software which could be used by thousands of users at the same time.
  11.        Tests under real life user condition to check the performance which will actually be delivered.
  12.     Experienced professionals (CISSP, C.E.H., CHFI, etc.) along with customized approach related to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO27001 etc.
  13.      Integrated white box, gray box and black box testing with appreciable affectivity.
  14.       Industry practices like OWASP, SANS and OSSTMM which are comprehensive.
  15.      Cloud and legacy deployment, done manually and effectively, for analysis at run time.

This is just an overview of the immense facilities that you will be able to plunder if you choose ZenQ as your partner in software testing. The main advantage, however, being and excellent end product.

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