Sunday, 8 November 2015

What is the Need of Testing Your Applications or Products?

Product or application testing is an important part of launching it in the real world for the general public to use. Although it is not the core section of developing the product, it has its own importance nevertheless. So you ask why you need to test your application or product? Well, we will take the opportunity of this article to let you know just that.

The most important reason for testing your application or product is to make it popular. Yes! You read it right. People do not have time for products which are flawed and will not think twice before discarding it. You must remember that in the age of technology, there will be thousands of products which does nearly the same job as yours does. So if you want people to use your application, you have to provide them with a bug free application which can be used by them as smoothly as silk. But for making the necessary modifications to make it free of bugs, you need to first detect them, which you can do by testing the application or product under various conditions.

The second reason for testing applications is to check the compatibility and durability of the same. The world is filled with various devices which have different operating systems and hardware configurations. You have to check that the app you have developed should be compatible with as many operating systems and hardware configuration as possible so that you can grab the attention of various groups of end users and provide your application to them. You will also have to make sure that your product works pretty well under stressful conditions, which you can do by testing only. If your product caves in under excess pressure and/or takes a huge time to recover back to normal work ability, it is likely to be avoided by people at large. You have to test these criteria by software testing methods and make modifications to make it stronger.

The third reason for testing the application or product is to see how the individual component of the developed product works and how they work when integrated together. How well does the various software modules or codes collaborate with each other. It may be so that they work pretty well individually, but when combined together, they show some problems which can be solved by a little tweaking.

The fourth need for testing the application is to see whether the modifications that you have made, strengthens or weakens the product or application as a whole. Comparison testing comprises of an important part of testing he produced which tests the application against the older version and shows you the weak points or strong points of the new application. This helps you to further strengthen the product by modifying the weakness into strengths. It also helps you to see the advancements you have made since the last versions of the product.

So now you know why it is an absolute must to test your product or application before launching it in the real world for public use. The best way to keep the load off is to begin testing from the early designing phase and not waiting for the completion of the software.

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