Monday, 16 November 2015

The Importance of QA Testing for Businesses

The Importance of QA Testing for Businesses

The main aim of all businesses is to gain profit from the product that they are selling to their customers and one of the best methods to gain more customers is to provide them with quality product that will satisfy the requirements of the customers. The scenario is pretty much the same when it comes to the software industry. This is what makes QA testing an important part of the software development life cycle of the product. The world is filled with competition and people are willing to pay more for good quality products which will deliver better than the rest.
The software which is tested before launching will obviously have better performance than those which are not and hence will be accepted more by the customers ultimately making it beneficial for the business.
  1. QA Testing helps Launch Defect Free Products: QA testing helps in detection of all the glitches that the software may have while being developed. The bugs that may affect the performance of the software will be detected in the QA testing phase and can be rectified so that they are not causing a problem when the customers are using them. The defect free product will become more popular among the users and will provide the business with a wider and more loyal customer base that will ultimately help in business expansion and profitability of the organization.
  2. 2.       Even Software Developed by the Best Developers has to be tested: Even the best of the developers are ultimately human and to err is human. You can never be hundred percent sure about the developed product hence you need to get it checked to make sure it is performing as you desired it to perform. QA testing also helps to ensure that the software works smoothly under the stress it may face while being used by the customers and the probable problems may be rectified before launching it to the real world. This is beneficial for the business as it will not cause any disturbance for the customers.
  3.  QA Testing also helps Provide Publicity: The QA department is basically a representative of the customers to the business organization. Both start-ups and established firms need to get their software tested by the QA department. This will ensure that the product does exactly what the customer requires it to do. Satisfying the customer in this manner will make the customer tell others about the software or the organization who will be eager to use the services offered by the same. Thus helping in the publicity of the business ultimately resulting in the increased business and profit of the organization.

Thus you see how QA testing is important when it comes to business. It will help not only in increasing the customer base of the organization but also help to gain the loyalty of the existing customers so that they avail to your service exclusively. It is a pretty fast paced world and people will not think twice before switching over to better software if you are not able to provide them with quality product. So it is absolutely must for your business to keep your customers satiated with the quality of the product you are supplying which can only be ensured by QA testing. 

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