Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Enhancing Software Testing Efficiency

Software testing is an important part of the software development life cycle which also acts as the pillar of success for the software. This makes the enhancement of the software testing efficacy an important job so that the procedure is always up to date and you can gain more accurate results to make the software better and friendlier for the customers.
  1.     Set up an Independent Reporting Structure: Avoid making the testers report to a group of employees who have to complete their job within a particular deadline. This often makes them avoid the testers so that they can finish their job within a particular timeline. Instead it is best if the testers have an independent body to which they can report directly.
  2.    Dedicate Testers to Specific Systems: Specific regions of the software respond best to specified software testing procedures. Similarly some testers are good at automated testing which requires programming knowledge whereas others are good at manual testing as they lack the programming knowledge at large. Hence it is best if specific tests are conducted by specific testers who are a pro at their job. This will make the testers do the job with dedication yielding accurate results which can be relied on.
  3.      Give them Business Training: Make sure your testers understand the business criteria of your organization in order to test the software accordingly. Provide them with enough knowledge about how your business works and what you need to gain out of the software that is being tested. This will help them to strategise the testing procedure and emerge with a compact testing procedure for yielding best possible software.
  4.    Test the Old with the New: When you are testing software during the whole software development life cycle, make sure that you are comparing the test results of the new software with that of the old ones. This helps in detecting the most lingering bugs and also helps in determining the advancement done in terms of the development of software.
  5.    Initiate Early Testing of Software: Most of the organizations wait till the software development is nearing the end to begin testing of the software. This only complicates the testing and rectification procedure. Efficacy of testing can be enhanced by introducing the testing process at an early developmental stage helps in detecting the defects while they haven’t yet piled up and can be resolved easily.
  6.      Choose Testers who are Adaptable: Various software requires various kinds of tests to detect the bugs. Choosing team members on the software testing team who can adapt to the changing demands of the testing procedure or environment help in increasing the efficacy of the testing efficiency. Also your team members should be open to updating themselves with the developing techniques of tests helps in utilizing the latest methods.
  7.     Diminishing the Difference between Real and Testing Environment: Make the software testing environment as the real environment where the customers will be using the software helps in detection of real time problems and bugs which can be rectified and thus enhances the testing efficacy.

These are a few tips which can be reflected on if you want to enhance the testing efficacy of your software in order to build a better product which will help you earn more customer satisfaction.


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