Sunday, 1 November 2015

Growth of Software Testing Over the Years

Software testing is a part of the software development life cycle, which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity in the IT industry. The people are slowly and steadily becoming aware of the importance of the software testing procedure in the success of the software. Software testing is an extensive process which starts before the development of the software. It initiates with the feasibility test which detects whether the software is logical to exist in the first place and ends with the likes of beta testing methodology which occurs after the development process has been completed.
When it all began, software was all about development. Organizations were satiated with a good set of developers who used to do all the planning and execute them to provide end users with the software required. But as and when the advancement gained momentum, it was seen that the development alone is not enough to sustain the IT industry. Users want bug free software which will be perfectly secure and functional under various adverse situations. This is only possible with a well-equipped software testing team.
The software testing industry has seen an excellent growth spurt. It has contributed USD 10 billion from zero in a matter of 12 years from 1998 to 2010. Today the software testing procedure has been classified into various parts which tackle different zones of the developing software. The main aim of the software testers is to attain maximum test coverage. Over the past decade, the software testing has grown from a single test which would determine perfect functionality of the software to multiple tests which determines designs, security, tenacity, sanity and other aspects of the software apart from functioning. It is predicted that there will be a huge growth in the specialized software testing procedures which will cover nearly 40 % of the total software testing industry, the rest being occupied by various functionality testing.
Currently, the various IT organizations are paying special heed to the software testing methodologies and more fund are being invested in the same so as to dig out better and more advanced techniques which will result in better software as an end result. The software testing industry is now providing job to thousands of individuals. Organizations are setting up separate testing departments which are in charge of planning the software development which is then executed by the development section and sent back to the testing department which then test the same for various aspects. The results obtained by this process are again forwarded to the development division, which rectifies the mistakes for the sake of even better software for the end users.

With the advancement of technology in the future, it is expected that the software testing industry will grow too as it ensures faster delivery of the developing software to the users and also helps in gaining the satisfaction of the same. As more people are taking an interest in the testing division, it is rapidly developing. It is now being considered as an integral part of the development industry and is becoming equally important. Watching the current and future trends it can safely be depicted that the testing industry will be one of the most departments of the IT industry which will be engaging talented individuals.

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